Jo Woo Jung apologizes for statement about INFINITE’s looks

On May 16th, Jo Woo Jung took to his personal Twitter account to apologize for a recent statement regarding INFINITE’s looks.

At a recent interview with Sungkyu and L, the anchorman welcomed the two by saying, “We have two members from INFINITE here today. I think they came in order of looks – the least handsome and the most.

Sungkyu cleverly replied, “You mean I’m the most, right?

However, it seems that fans have had mixed reactions to the video segment. Some were rather unhappy at Jo Woo Jung’s statement while others found it humorous. In response to this, the anchorman issued an apology to INFINITE fans.

His message reads, “The least handsome is of course me, I know… It was a part of the script but I don’t think I pulled it off properly. I’m a fan who loves INFINITE myself so I apologize once again.”

Check out his statement and the video clip below:

Source: My Daily and Netizen Buzz