Jokwon Calls Out Korean Reporter For His Extremely Rude Title

He spoke up against homophobic haters.

Jo Kwon recently took to Twitter to call out a reporter for writing an article about his sexuality and the homophobic comments left by haters.

The article in question was by Jeju Ilbo, titled “Jo Kwon, ‘Is this real? Do you want to date oppa…? I’m a married man sorry“.

The article featured a selfie of Jo Kwon dressed femininely in a blonde wig, and the author took the comments under his photo to create a title suggesting that he’s gay. Many malicious commenters left hurtful and homophobic messages under the article.

Jo Kwon personally took to Twitter to oppose the article as well as its comments.

“I’ve ignored all negative comments and gossipers up until now, but out of all the article titles I’ve seen, this is the lowest of the low.

This article’s title is derogatory and desperate for attention.

Excuse me? Sorry but I’m sorry too. 


Please have class with your negative comments. What were you thinking when you typed these on your keyboards?”

— Jo Kwon 

The article from Jeju Ilbo has since been taken down, and many applauded Jo Kwon for speaking up against hateful and homophobic netizens.

Source: xportsnews