Joon Park thanks fangod for g.o.d. 16th Anniversary banners

Fangods are celebrating 16 years of g.o.d. music by sponsoring bus banners and posters in subway stations to show their appreciation for the first generation K-pop idol group.

After their successful comeback as a group last year, g.o.d. embarked on a 15th anniversary world tour and fangods have been more active than ever since their reunion.

To thank fans, Joon Park took to Instagram on January 15th and posted about the “Happy 16th Anniversary” posters with special fanmade graphics and words of encouragement! He writes, “Awe man~ fangod sooo sweet! These are fanmade & fanpaid banners and posters commemorating our 16th year anniversary posted in Subways and city buses… Sooo touched and soooo thankful!!! Thank U fangod ZZZAANG!!! BBAAAMMM!!!” Park’s post demonstrates his sincerity even through his casual, charismatic words regarding the enormous effort put in by fans.

Check out the banners below! Congratulations to g.o.d. who will be celebrating their 16th anniversary since their debut in 1999 on January 26th!