Journalist Thought WINNER’s Song Mino Shaved His Hair But It Was Just His New Hairstyle

Mino pulled this off though!

WINNER were invited to attend the Chanel Paris – New York 2019 Collection show.

However, it turns out that Mino made a bit of a splash with the media with his unique style when he rocked up to the event.

Mino has been experimenting with multiple hairstyles for the past few years and this  new hairstyle looks like the latest addition.

Patches of Mino’s hair had been dyed to a lighter colour. This eye-catching and unique hairstyle caught the attention of the press who introduced him as Mino with “Hairstyle overflowing with personality.”

However one journalist mistakenly thought that Mino had shaved off patches of his hair!

To the amusement of Inner Circles, one caption ran, “Song Mino with a large hole in the side of his head.”

The journalist didn’t know what to make of it, asking if Mino’s hair stylist had made a mistake, still believing Mino had patches of his hair shaved.

Turns out that it was just a dye job!

Thankfully, other journalists knew what was going on, and introduced him as Mino with “Hair dyed like a soccer ball”.

Some Inner Circles on the other hand, thought it reminded them of a honeybee.

Others also commented on Mino’s accessories. He showed up to the Chanel event wearing a lip piercing, several necklaces and multiple piercings on both ears.

It was commented that this was a style that only Mino could pull off as he entered the event overflowing with charisma.

Regarding his lip piercing, Mino was asked, “Doesn’t your lip hurt” to which Mino answered that he brushes his teeth with his piercing in!

But regardless of what the journalists said, they all agreed that Mino and the other WINNER members all had stunning visuals!

It looks like WINNER had an awesome time at the Chanel event, as they not only got to meet many people in the fashion industry, but they also gave a special performance of their latest title track “Ah Yeah” at the after-party.

Additionally, Mino was invited to perform his debut solo track “Fiance” at the after-party where he hyped up the entire crowd with his charismatic and energetic performance.

Inner Circles are lucky to have each member possess such talent and visuals!

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It might not be something you would wear, but you can’t deny that Mino pulled off this style!