JTBC Reveals Heartbreaking CCTV Footage Of College Student’s Tragic Accident

Netizens are seeking justice for his death.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

JTBC has just released the CCTV footage of college student Lee Seon Ho’s tragic accident.

Lee Seon Ho | SBS News

Previously, it was reported that 23-year-old Lee Seon Ho had been killed in a devastating work-related accident. The college student was working part-time at a cargo shipping company to earn money for his college tuition. On April 22, he was asked to clean a cargo container, but was crushed by a 300kg (661 lbs) iron plate. After being taken to the hospital, Lee Seon Ho succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

As the shocking story rocked the nation, the CCTV footage has been revealed, breaking the hearts of the public even more. In the video footage, viewers can see Lee Seon Ho (in white) walking towards a shipment container.

CCTV footage, Lee Seon Ho circled in red | JTBC

In the next photo capture, Lee Seon Ho is seen near the end of the container, near the doors or the “wings.”

CCTV footage, Lee Seon Ho circled in red | JTBC

As reported by JTBC, another employee of the company was maneuvering a fork lift and closed the door or the “wing” on the other side of the cargo container. The force of the fork lift caused the door on Lee Seon Ho’s side to collapse shut as well. However, due to his placement near the door, Lee Seon Ho was hit by the door and was crushed by its weight.

Circled in white, the container door is open and Lee Seon Ho right below it | JTBC

This next photo capture shows the door of the container after it had collapsed shut on Lee Seon Ho.

Circled in red, the container door has fallen and Lee Seon Ho is nowhere to be seen | JTBC

With the release of this footage, the nation united together in solidarity and have been creating numerous Blue House petitions.

| Blue House

The petitions have been protesting Lee Seon Ho’s death due to the fact that his tragic accident could have been prevented if the company had taken safety precautions. In the above petition’s explanation, the creator states that,

This wasn’t an unavoidable accident. This is something that could have been prevented…my friend was just cleaning the inside of a container when the door of the container crushed him. The safety pin wasn’t locked in place when this happened.

— Blue House petition

While this story initially didn’t get much news coverage, the CCTV footage reveal sparked an outrage amongst netizens. They have begun to pour out their heartbreak for the college student and have been mourning his death.

| theqoo
  • “I signed both petitions. I hope that the safety measures and those working will be taught accordingly so that heartbreaking situations like this don’t happen again…”
  • “I signed both. I assumed situations like these were uncommon or that big accidents didn’t happen. As I was thinking about how this needs to change, my heart broke thinking about all the people who died or got severely hurt…”
  • “This is so terrible…”
  • “I hope that accidents like this never happen…how many times do hardworking young people need to die…”
  • “My heart hurts so much. Every year, accidents like this happen, but nothing ever changes.”
  • “Oh my goodness, what can we do…I signed the petitions.”
  • “My gosh…I read the petition and it’s sad…”
  • “Wow…they didn’t even call (911) right away and left him unattended…I read that his father found him like that…it’s honestly terrible…rest in peace.”
| Huffington Post Korea

Previously, it was reported that Lee Seon Ho’s family and friends have been holding their own protests due to the lack of interest in the case. As his loved ones asked for an apology from the company and an investigation into his death, it was revealed that the police had turned their backs on their requests.

“We want the truth to be revealed regarding Lee Seon Ho’s death.” | News1

As the public begins to show more interest in Lee Seon Ho’s case, we hope that resolution comes for his family. May he rest in peace.