Netizens React To Jun Hyun Moo And Han Hye Jin’s Last “I Live Alone” Episode

This was their last filming together.

Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin announce that they will be taking a break from filming I Live Alone after they confirmed their breakup after dating for a year.


I Live Alone aired the final recording that the former couple had filmed for the show.


And netizens reacted in different ways towards how they felt about their decision to leave the show temporarily. Many worried for all of the members, some claiming the two shouldn’t leave the show.


Others demanded the netizens and press leave them alone as it is their private matter and break ups happen quite frequently.


A news report commented about how Jun Hyun Moo, Han Hye Jin, and the show’s producers didn’t mention anything about their temporary absence in the episode that aired today.

“‘I Live Alone‘s Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin, Leaves On Break Without Saying Goodbye’

They laughed a lot, but Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin did not directly talk with each other during the episode. Not only that, Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin did not mention any goodbyes despite it being their last episode before taking a break.”

— TV Report


Netizens criticized the report’s views, claiming it would have been unnecessary and inappropriate to demand that Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin make any announcement on broadcast about their private lives.


Although they will not be appearing on I Live Alone for an unspecified amount of time, fans hope the pair will remain strong and return to the show one day.


I Live Alone will air their first episode without the two members next week.

Source: TV Report