Jun.K posts instagram video in regards to his condition

Jun. K updated fans on his condition following his accident at 2PM‘s 6Nights concert.

In a heartfelt video on Instagram, 2PM’s Jun. K updated his worried fans on his condition after he fell off a stage platform that was 3 meters (almost 9 feet) tall.

In the video Jun. K apologizes to HOTTEST (2PM fans) for worrying them after the incident. The idol also expressed his will to recover quickly so that fans will no longer be worried, apologizing once again to his fans before expressing his love to them.

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This is the first time Jun. K has addressed his fans personally via video, since the accident. JYP had previously updated fans on Jun.K’s condition, stating that he needed surgery on his arm for a fracture.

Jun. K had then made a post on Twitter expressing his disappointment over the incident and the cancellation of 2PM’s upcoming concerts.

The other members of 2PM have also taken to their social media to comfort fans after the accident and to show their unconditional support towards their fellow member during this hard time.