Jung Hae In Gifts A Very Special Present To His Manager Who’s Been With Him Since Debut

Barely no one else in the industry has gifted this to their manager before!

Actor Jung Hae In has gifted his manager with a very special and very expensive gift! Ever since he debuted in 2013 with FNC Entertainment, Jung Hae In’s manager has been with him during his most difficult times and to his happiest times.

Jung Hae In debuted through AOA BLACK’s MV “Moya”.


Now that he’s found tremendous success in his acting career, Jung Hae In decided to gift his manager with an expensive car! One industry insider claimed that he bought his manager a sedan from a foreign company that starts with “V” and costs millions in Korean won.

The insider also emphasized that it’s very rare for celebrities to gift their managers with a car.

It’s definitely not common for a celebrity to gift their manager with a car. It’s not easy to buy someone a car just because you spent a long time together.

But Jung Hae In is well known to be very considerate towards his staff.

— Insider


Jung Hae In is currently promoting his upcoming movie “Tune In For Love” and is reportedly getting ready to film his next drama, Half Of Half.

Source: isplus