Popular Actress Shocks With How Low Her “Heaviest Weight Ever” Was

She felt unhealthy at this weight.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

Actress Jung Yu Mi has always been known for her small frame. As one of South Korea’s most popular actresses, she has always kept her weight under a certain number.

On an episode of Na Young Seok’s Nabul Nabul aired September 1, 2023, Na Young Seok PD asked after her weight. Jung Yu Mi is known for her “addiction to exercise,” prompting the PD to ask what was her heaviest weight ever.

Shockingly, she admitted that the heaviest she’s ever been is a mere 46 to 47kg (101 to 103 lbs). She knows that she might get criticized for the revelation, but at that weight, she feels too heavy to move. She went as far to say that she becomes breathless at that weight.

After every drama shoot, she loses a ton of weight naturally. As someone who enjoys sleeping more than eating, the ample rest she gets actually makes it so that she has no time to eat. Whenever she gets free time, she spends it catching up on her Zs rather than food.

Between sleep and work, and no time for food, she naturally sheds the pounds. This helps in her line of work too, as she ends up looking better on screen.

Surprisingly, many were able to relate to the star. As that weight was above her regular one, it is only natural that she feels heavier then.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • I’ve also lived my entire life between 43 to 45kg, so even when I gain a kilo or two, my stomach feels thick, and I feel heavy and uncomfortable.
  • Me too. But for me, I lived my whole life at 42kg, so when I go down to 39kg, I get dizzy and I lose blood sugar. It’s so hard. But when I’m 45kg, I feel heavy and dull. I have to maintain 42kg for sure…
  • People who are cursing at this are the weird ones.
  • What do you mean she faces pressure? I’m maintaining 48kg, but I feel heavier when I gain weight and my knees hurt. That’s why I work hard to not gain weight.
  • People bullsh*tting with “mental pressure” LOL. You’d think everyone are professionals on this matter.
  • I’m 158cm tall and I’m over 49kg so my body is indeed heavy. Of course, I’m way over 50kg now…

For someone who has been the same weight for as long as Jung Yu Mi, any slight change in weight would definitely feel different! She’s been around the same weight ever since she made her debut in the industry in 2005.

Source: Theqoo