Suzy Is Filming Her Comeback MV Right Now And JYP Promised To Reveal More Details

Suzy is getting ready to make a comeback with a brand new song, and she’s already started filming her music video for it in Los Angeles!

JYP Entertainment confirmed that Suzy recently jetted off to the States to film her comeback music video.

“Suzy flew to L.A. to film her music video. We will soon release information about her comeback date.”

— JYP Entertainment

Suzy was spotted leaving Incheon Airport on January 1st where she had commented that she was flying off for her “schedules abroad“. It’s now been confirmed that her schedule was to shoot her new MV.

Suzy spotted at Incheon Airport on January 1st, 2018.

She will be finishing up her album productions once she returns and plans on making a comeback soon.

This will be her first album since her solo debut last January with “Yes No Maybe”. It will also be her first comeback since miss A’s official disbandment.

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Source: xportsnews