Possible Logo For JYP Entertainment’s New Girl Group Revealed

The logo may indicate what to expect from the new girl group’s concept…

Earlier this week, a possible final name for JYP Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group—currently known as JYPn—was revealed through a recent trademark application. Now, there’s a trademark for the logo too.

Less than three years since ITZY debuted, JYP Entertainment is already gearing up to debut a new girl group. So far, four members have been revealed: 15-year-old Kyujin,

JYPn’s Kyujin (center) and Jinni (right) | @JYPn_official/Twitter

16-year-old Jiwoo,

JYPn’s Jiwoo | @JYPn_official/Twitter

17-year-old Jinni,

JYPn’s Jinni | @JYPn_official/Twitter

and 17-year-old Sullyoon.

JYPn’s Sullyoon | @JYPn_official/Twitter

Currently, the group is known as JYPn—the “n” standing for next, new, now, and unknown according to JYP Entertainment. However, the company has also revealed that JYPn won’t be the girl group’s final name.

JYPn’s Jinni, Kyujin, and Jiwoo | JYPn/YouTube

After rumors circulated that the group could be called SQU4D, Neora, Xdinary Heroes, or Cherryz, a new possible name has surfaced that’s much more likely than the previous contenders. On September 13, JYP Entertainment registered a new trademark under the name NMIXX.


Alongside including the letter “N” just like JYPn, NMIXX is also similar the 6MIX—the name several TWICE members were originally going to debut with. While there’s no guarantee that NMIXX was trademarked for the new girl group, it definitely seems like a likely candidate. And now, the name has a logo too:

| JYP Entertainment

On September 14, JYP Entertainment registered a new set of five logo trademarks, all with a distinctive wordmark spelling out NMIXX. Both the logo and name trademarks are registered under the same classifications typically used for K-Pop groups, such as Category 41 – Entertainment.


Designed in a modern, condensed geometric font, the NMIXX logo has edgy and futuristic vibes that could be indicative of the girl group’s upcoming concept.

Just like the name NMIXX itself, fans across social media are sharing mixed opinions on the logo. Some instantly fell in love, while others have expressed that they hope it grows on them eventually. Ultimately, there’s still no telling whether NMIXX is really the final name for JYPn, but hopefully, fans won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Source: KIPRIS