K-Drama “Penthouse” Jin Ji Hee And Choi Ye Bin Reveal They Haven’t Seen The Script Yet For Season 3

They are curious about season 3 too!

SBS K-Drama Penthouse actresses Jin Ji Hee and Choi Ye Bin recently appeared as guests on SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show and gave some behind stories from the drama.

| SBS Power FM Cultwo Show

After the end of Penthouse Season 2, both actresses revealed that they took some much needed time to sleep.

Jin Ji Hee: I wanted to meet up with the unni’s but I had to go to school. I’m having a fun time with my friends.

Choi Ye Bin: I’ve been doing my homework and tuning into my classes. I also moved recently so I invited my friends to my housewarming party.


They also shared how close they were with their mom characters from the drama.

| SBS Power FM Cultwo Show

Jin Ji Hee revealed that Shin Eun Kyung (Kang Mari) gifted her couple slippers that they always wore together.

Jenny and Mari have couple slippers and they were gifted by Shin Eun Kyung. I always wear them with her while on set.

—  Jin Ji Hee

| SBS Power FM Cultwo Show

Choi Ye Bin revealed that Kim So Yeon (Chun Seo Jin) was always so kind and considerate towards her, even buying her food often while filming.

She is so kind and considerate and even cared for me on my birthday. She also buys me food often while on set.

— Choi Ye Bin

| SBS Power FM Cultwo Show

The hosts and listeners were however most interested in what’s next for Season 3. Turns out that they have no idea either!

We still haven’t seen a word of the script for season 3. We’re so curious too. All we know is that filming starts around the end of April.

— Jin Ji Hee

K-Drama Penthouse Season 3 is slated to air this June.

Source: mydaily