K-netizens react to KBS’s censorship of 4MINUTE’s new song

Korean netizens have reacted strongly against KBS’s recent censorship moves for 4MINUTE’s comeback track “Just Do The First Verse.”

The line that is problematic was revealed to be, “Tell me I’m rude over and over again, we’ll see if you’re giving advice or just an old man babbling.” However, despite KBS deeming it unsuitable for broadcast, a representative for 4MINUTE stated that they have no plans to edit the song.

4MINUTE’s representative spoke with Xports News over the phone on February 4th, stating, “While it’s true that our song was deemed unfit for broadcast, we don’t have plans to edit the song. We don’t know when but as soon as we are ready, we plan to apply for a reassessment of the song.

The representative continued to say, “The reassessment will take place without any changes to the song, but for promotions of other songs, we plan to change the lyrics if necessary. Everything will depend on the results of the reassessment.

Here are some netizen reactions on this decision by KBS:

“They censor things like that and they let Hani do the uncensored choreography on TV?”

“I knew they were up to something when they said they would raise their broadcasting fees.”

“KBS needs to shut down, they disgust me.”

“It sounds like the lyrics were targeting the censor judges. Of course they would censor it.”

“I remember when they censored 2PM’s lines about drinking alcohol and they had to change the lyrics to drinking a cup of water ㅋㅋㅋ.”

Source: Xports News