K-Pop Boy-Group SEVENTEEN’s Career Accidentally Saved By Unintended Leak

Male rookie group SEVENTEEN is currently one of the hottest young groups in the market right now. 

And while they’ve been finding a lot of success now, fans claim that they might’ve ruined their career just a few moments into their debut if not for an unintentional leak that resulted in intervention by fans. Rather than wearing matching school uniforms that they’re now almost synonymous with during a music show performance of their debut song “Mansae,” the group almost performed in various outfits ranging from preppy school jackets to tank tops and shorts.

After seeing photos of the boys walking around in the outfits, however, fans pleaded with their agency Pledis Entertainment, telling them that the boys would flop if they performed looking like that. Luckily, fans were able to convince the company, who promptly changed the group’s outfits before their performance, possibly saving their career in one move.

seventeen 1

seventeen 2
Check out the music video for SEVENTEEN’s latest song “Pretty U” below:

Source: Instiz