K-pop celebrities spend quality time with nieces and nephews during Chuseok

Thanks to the Korean holiday, Chuseok, Korean celebrities had the opportunity to have some rest and reunite with their families, and not forgetting, cute interactions with the small ones at home.

Equivalent to the western Thanksgiving or the eastern Mooncake Festival, Chuseok is a national holiday for South Korea from September 14th to September 16th, and if some are lucky, they get five days off including the long weekend.

Some worked extra hard prior to Chuseok in order to earn their time off, such as filming for shows like Idol Cooking King and Idol Star Athletics Championships on MBC. On the other hand, hardworking actors Lee Jong Suk and Yoon Kyun Sang spent the holiday with actress Lee Sung Kyung practicing their scripts together.

Chuseok is one of the best opportunities in the year for celebrities to have a reunion with their families, and SNS updates of photos with their nephews and nieces have been what fans have been looking forward to yearly.

This year, we have cute photos and videos shared by B1A4‘s Jinyoung, actor Lee Dong Wook celebrating his nephew’s 100th day, BEAST‘s DoojoonVIXX‘s NSuper Junior‘s HeechulBIGBANG‘s T.O.PZE:A‘s KwangheeJeong Jinwoon, and Wonder Girls’ Yenny.

Whether it is playing camera filters with the kids, reading books together, bringing them out for a fancy meal, playing with sparklers, or just playing with them, the K-pop stars surely had an enjoyable time, practicing to be future moms and dads at the same time.

뒤집기 시작한 우리 조카 서율이! 이렇게 귀여워도 됩니까 ㅜ ㅜ ㅜ 무럭무럭 자라다오~~ 물론 지금 엄청난 우량아지만…ㅎㅎ #b1a4 #bana #진영 #애기 #뒤집기

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조카 태어난지 100일 됐어요~ 남은 추석 연휴 잘 보내세요! 추석은 가족과 함께ㅎㅎ

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오늘의 기록_20160914 소중한 사람들과 평범한 하루가 참 소중하다. – #엔스타그램 #즐거운명절 #행복한시간

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내 조카 태인이~???? 끄앙.. 귀여워 쥬금….???? 나도 나 닮은 애기…. 얼마나 예쁠까….???? #안태인 #우쭈쭈

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즐거운 추석 ! #조카그램

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