“K-Pop Star 3” contestant Brody returns for the show’s fifth season with improved vocals

More exciting news for K-Pop Star 5 as it will be seeing a return of one of its contestants that originally auditioned two years ago!

Known for her adorable “thank yous,” Brody returns with more mature looks this year as she once again auditions for a chance to fulfill her dreams of becoming a singer. The audience can be seen exclaiming how pretty she is in the preview below.

Unfortunately, in K-Pop Star 3, Brody wasn’t able to get very far into the audition and was eventually dropped out of the competition but not before making Yang Hyun Suk fall in love with her charms. Undoubtedly with two years of practice under her belt, she’s ready to wow the judges again, as seen in the preview of the upcoming season released on November 16th.

Though she has grown since the general public last saw her, it seems her adorable “thank yous” are as present as ever.

K-Pop Star 5 will be airing its premiere episode on November 22nd.