Kahi breaks down in tears when she sees NU’EST on Produce 101

Kahi could not control her emotions seeing her labelmates she trained with back on an audition show.

Produce 101 Season 2 recently aired it’s first episode and 4 of the NU’EST members (Choi Minki, Kang Dongho, Kim Jonghyun, and Hwang Minhyun) joined the show as Pledis Entertainment‘s trainees. This episode showed each of the trainees meeting each other for the first time, and the other trainees were stunned seeing the members of NU’EST, a 5 year veteran boy group, participating on the show.

When it was Pledis’ trainees’ turn to perform for their level test, Kahi became emotional, seeing the members of the group that she trained with while she was a trainee herself. NU’EST’s Kim Jonghyun had the same feeling, revealing,

“I didn’t want to look at Kahi either… I felt like I would start crying too.”

— NU’EST Kim Jonghyun

The NU’EST members explained why they are appearing on Produce 101 Season 2, saying,

“There were a lot of people in the public saying that we were screwed, it seems like our company thought the same way. We haven’t been able to bring much profit from our promotions so we aren’t able to release many albums. It seems like this is really the end. It seems like there really isn’t much time before NU’EST disbands. There are 2 friends who were in I.O.I in our company, there’s SEVENTEEN too. We want to be [successful] like them.”


Watch Kahi be moved to tears when seeing NU’EST.