Kai and Chanyeol Sheds Tears As They Talk About Their Parents

Kai and Chanyeol left heart wrenching messages for their parents on “Starry Night Radio”.

Kai revealed that he felt bad for not being able to contact his parents as much as he wanted.

“It’s hard to contact them once a day. Sometimes they contact me first. I try to contact them as much as I can, but once a day is hard. At some point, I ended up just contacting them with short greetings instead of talking on a daily basis about life.”

— Kai

He apologized to his parents and wanted to let them know he was doing well.

“I’m sorry and I love you. I’ll work hard for the promotions. I hope all the EXO family members can become happier by listening to our new album.”

— Kai

Chanyeol also sent out a message to his parents with tears in his eyes.

“Hello. I want to say I’m sorry for not contacting you on a regular basis.”

— Chanyeol

His voice started to crack as he got emotional thinking about his parents.

“They always worry a lot about me. I want to say I’m very healthy and doing well. I’m preparing well for our promotions too. Don’t worry about me. I will visit soon to eat delicious food.”

— Chanyeol

The EXO parents can rest assured that their boys are staying healthy while promoting their new “Ko Ko Bop”!

Watch the boys’ talk about their parents starting from 31:20!