Kakao To Launch Virtual Girl Group Survival Show Led By “My Little Television” And “Queendom” PDs

Current and former girl group members will compete.

Kakao Entertainment will be launching a new girl group survival show with current girl group members, but this time, the girl group will be virtual.

According to a press release from Kakao Entertainment, they are launching a new virtual idol girl group survival show called VIP 30 (Virtual Idol Project 30). VIP 30 is a new concept idol survival show where 30 K-Pop girl group members compete for the chance to debut in a virtual girl group. The fierce competition showcasing dance, singing, talents, and charms will be showcased solely through virtual characters, hiding their real-life identities. If selected as a final debut member, they will debut in a virtual girl group.

Because it is the first virtual girl group survival show in Korea, there are rumors that the participants in the survival show are very famous. The 30 contestants come from different backgrounds, from members of popular idol groups to former idols from years ago who want a second chance at success.

The contestants’ gestures, facial expressions, and more will be captured in real-time and transmitted to the viewers through their virtual characters, and there will also be a series of high-quality content releases, such as new music from the artists.

VIP 30 will be led by Park Jin Kyung PD, who worked on My Little Television and Dunia, and Cho Wook Hyung CP, who led Queendom and Road to Kingdom. VIP 30 is scheduled to be broadcast later in 2022.

Source: Newsen