Kang Daniel Cancels Music Show Schedule After Expressing How Tired He Is Of Haters

He will not be attending the pre-recording for the show.

Kang Daniel announced that he would not be attending the pre-recording for MBC Plus Show Champion on December 4.


The music program officials commented, “He has canceled his recording for the show today. We cannot reveal the specific reasons; however, we are still in talks about whether or not he will attend the live show.”

On December 3, Kang Daniel posted a series of messages on his official fan page, worrying fans about his mental health and overall well-being. He expressed that he was so tired from holding it all in and wished that someone would save him.


Kang was diagnosed with depression earlier this year due to various incidents including his lawsuit with LM Entertainment.

Kang Daniel released his new digital single, TOUCHIN last month and took first place on SBS MTV’s The Show on December 3.

Source: daum

Kang Daniel