Kang Daniel Shares His Favorite Fashion Trends And Items Of Clothing

Do you agree with his choices?

Having to choose between different items of clothing and fashion trends in an episode of Cosmopolitan‘s “Drip Or Drop,” Kang Daniel revealed his fashion preferences to the world!

For the first portion of the video, he had to pick between two items of clothing or fashion choices.

He picked stripes over plaid, blue over green, and sporty styles over edgy styles!

“Sporty, because it’s comfortable!”

He then picked leather over sheer fabric, and when he was asked if he ever wore leather pants, he firmly denied it!

“Nope!” he said. “But I love leather jackets.”

The choice between silk and cotton made him laugh!

“Silk, because it’s soft!” he said. “Don’t think this is weird, but I have these silk pyjamas. They are so comfortable when I am home alone. They are comfortable, but I’m not saying I wear them all the time!”

Having to pick between a hoodie or a track jacket proved to be difficult!

“Those are both my favorites…” he complained lightheartedly. After much hesitation, he picked hoodies!

Bucket hats versus baseball caps were tricky as well, but he went with baseball caps!

“I do have a lot of bucket hats, but I also have a lot of baseball caps,” he said. “The time when I feel happy about my outfit, it’s always been a baseball cap.”

As for denim jackets versus leather jackets, it was another tough one!

“This one is hard too,” he sighed, before staying true to his previous statement: leather jacket wins!

He chose a trench coat over a peacoat!

“Trench coat is more diverse!” he said. “When you wear it, you can wear more.”

For the final question, he had to pick between sweatpants and trackpants. While he said he doesn’t wear either of them very often, he picked trackpants.

“I don’t wear much of either, but if I have to choose, trackpants,” he said. “They are comfortable because they are bigger. So, trackpants.”

You can watch him discuss his fashion preferences and more in his “Drip or Drop?” video below!

Source: YouTube