Kang Daniel Spotted Filming In Busan And Spectators Were Blown Away By His Manners

The son of Busan returned home for a new ad!

Kang Daniel was recently spotted in Busan for a promotional event for Calvin Klein, and he apparently stayed another day at his hometown!


Kang Daniel was spotted at a cafe dressed in a bright red sweater with staff all around him.


He was apparently shooting for a new ad for Calvin Klein and visited the cafe for work.


But spectators were blown away by his manners and his love for his fans. One person claimed he was the “pride of Busan” for his stand up personality.

I went to Gwanganli and saw Kang Daniel. I’m going to tell my students when I go to work. #Gwanganli #KangDaniel #PrideOfBusan #BehavesLikeAGentlemanAtSuchAYoungAge #KangDanielInsteadOfLightingTheKanganliLight

— Spectator


During his shoot, Kang Daniel glanced out the window to greet his swarm of fans who gathered to see him.


He looked out to his fans as he interacted with them in between breaks.


He made sure to send some winks to fans in all different directions before going back to his work!


And that is why Kang Daniel is considered the “pride of Busan”!

Kang Daniel