Kang Daniel Becomes First Male Celebrity Cover Model For WWD KOREA Magazine

He also filmed an exclusive behind-the-scenes video!

Kang Daniel has been selected as the first male celebrity to grace the cover of WWD KOREA!

WWD is a fashion magazine, following the changing trends and breaking news surrounding men’s and women’s fashion, beauty and retail industries. Kang Daniel is the first male celebrity to be the cover model for the Korean edition of the magazine.

The latest issue will feature his special edition cover along with an interview touching upon his newest album, YELLOW.

This special edition contains the deep messages that Kang Daniel conveyed through his his recent album YELLOW: the mature musical spectrum, and the interviews that are filled with affection for his fans.


A representative from the film crew for the magazine praised him for his professionality.

As the camera turned to face Kang Daniel, who was full of laughter, he immediately made full use of his charismatic appearance and showed off his genuine charm like a pro, earning the admiration of the staff.


The magazine is available for purchase and a behind-the-scenes clip has been uploaded to WWD KOREA’s official YouTube channel.

Source: Herald Pop and Image