Kang Daniel Criticized For Overpricing His Official Fanmeeting Goods Despite Its Low Quality

“He’s blatantly treating his fans like ATMs…”

Kang Daniel released his official goods for his fan meeting tour, and fans were not happy with the results.

Among the goods were a temporary light stick, a slogan banner, keyring, magnets, postcard set, and more. The prices for the individual goods ranged from 6 to 20 SGD (~$4.50 to $14.50 USD).


However, fans began complaining when they saw that the temporary lightsticks cost 12 SGD (~$9 USD). The lightstick was a simple one that had three colors from the recent album, as well as a logo of the album and a hologram sticker.


Other idols had sold a similar temporary lightstick for just a few dollars

Kang Sung Hoon priced his temporary lightstick at 3,000 won (~$2.50 USD).


The most expensive goods on the list were Kang Daniel’s slogan banner, which costs nearly $15 USD. But fans complained it was too expensive for the quality and material.


Fans and netizens claimed that Kang Daniel was treating them as if they were “ATMs” who handed him money. They complained that the temporary lightstick and goods were way overpriced for what they usually went for at other concerts.


Kang Daniel is currently on his fan meeting tour in Asia. His agency has not responded to the complaints at this time.

Source: Kyunghyang

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