Kang Daniel Releases First Look Into His Official Collaboration With Kakao Friends’ APEACH

Everything you need to know about the upcoming drop!

Kang Daniel is widely-known as the doppelgänger to Kakao Friends character, APEACH, so the company decided to create an official collaboration line with the artist himself!

Kakao Friends announced that the “APEACH KANG DANIEL EDITION” goods will be released on February 7 both domestically and globally.

When Kakao Friends approached Kang Daniel with the idea, he proposed that they create a line of goods that he can use together with his fans. He took active part in the planning and designing of the characters to fit his signature style.

The line will feature 47 different goods, including toys, living supplies, fashion, fan goods, and more. The fan goods will be available in the second wave that’s set to happen on February 21.

The first wave will feature Kang Daniel’s hobby of staying home to cook and clean. The line has living goods, such as rubber gloves, house slippers, and more. The second wave of fan goods will have key rings, decorative stickers, and more to decorate Danity Lightsticks.

Kang Daniel’s new edition will be available offline in Korea at official stores, as well as Kakao Friends’ official global online store. Globally, the goods will be stocked at “Omotesando APEACH”, “Ikebukuro Sunshine City”, and “Wego” in Japan, and the “A Land” in Brooklyn, NY for USA.

Kang Daniel always enjoyed Kakao Friends, so he took and active part in creating the goods. He was happy that the edition will be able to be enjoyed by all kinds of different fans.

— Kakao Friends

Kang Daniel has always been known to resemble APEACH, the character. Many memes started floating around as it became a symbol and inside joke between him and his fans.

Now, Kang Daniel and DANITY will have even more goods to play with as his new edition will drop in just a couple of days!

Congratulations on your new adorable collab, Kang Daniel!

Source: Nate Pann and News1

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