Kang Daniel Opens Up About What Its’s Like To Be CEO Of His Own Company

He’s the boss!

Kang Daniel talked about what it’s like to be his own boss!

On the November 28 episode of KBS‘s Happy Together, Kang Daniel appeared on the show as a special MC, along with guests of all ages on the show. On the show, he talked about his solo debut, and recent comeback with digital single “Touchin’ “.

Prior to his solo debut, Kang Daniel established his own one-man agency, KONNECT Entertainment. regarding his agency, one of the questions his fellow MCs asked him was,

What is it like, being the CEO of your own company?


Kang Daniel commented that he felt a little awkward at first, and revealed that he still feels a little unsure of himself int hat role, especially when he has to approve important documents himself.

The title of CEO was a bit awkward in the beginning. Its still something I’m trying to get used to, especially when I have to approve contracts and sign off as both the CEO and the model at the same time.

—Kang Daniel

He continued that he felt the  most change in himself after establishing his own entertainment label, and finally being able to make his solo debut.


I changed the most after my debut. I now have much more to think about, and I’ve developed a lot more responsibility.

—Kang Daniel


Kang Daniel recently made his comeback with “Touchin’ “, and made his music show debut on November 29.

Watch his MV for “Touchin'” here!

Kang Daniel