Kang Dong Won Cast For His First Hollywood Movie “Tsunami LA”

Kang Dong Won will be making his Hollywood debut as the main lead of an upcoming new movie called “Tsunami LA”, set to be released in 2019.

Actor Kang Dong Won is making his Hollywood debut soon with a brand new movie, and he’s the lead role!

Source: Hannibal

He revealed that once he’s done filming for his latest Korean movie, he will be heading to film for “Tsunami LA”.

“After I finish filming for ‘In Lang’, I’ll probably head out to begin ‘Tsunami LA’.” — Kang Dong Won

“Tsunami LA” is about a massive tidal wave that hits Los Angeles, California. It’ll be directed by Simon West, who’s famous for “Tomb Raider”, “Con Air” and more.

Kang Dong Won gave a sneak peek into his character, a surfer who works at an aquarium.

“I play the role of a surfer who works at an aquarium, but I don’t surf. I play a Korean but all of my lines are in English.” — Kang Dong Won

He also revealed that the production team reached out to him first for the role.

“I received a scenario offer first. It was complicated but I accepted the role. I was in the middle of discussing for another movie but we decided to do [“Tsunami LA”] first.”— Kang Dong Won

He was surprised yet excited about getting to make his Hollywood debut, not as a small role, but as the main lead!

“I found the script very interesting when Hannibal first showed it to me. Also, people of my generation all have a special reminiscence about West’s ‘Con Air’. And it is a rare opportunity obtain a leading role in a Hollywood film on my international debut.” — Kang Dong Won

But ultimately, he wants to do well in Hollywood for a brighter future of the Korean film industry.

“If I get good results in Hollywood, that means I can help Korean films get bigger budgets when I join them [as bigger casts attract bigger investments].” — Kang Dong Won

Source: Peter Park, Variety

Director Simon West also revealed that he’s excited to be the one who gets to introduce Kang Dong Won to the Hollywood audience.

“I am very excited to be the one to present this accomplished actor to the rest of the world in such an exciting project. Our goal is to make a movie that reflects and celebrates the diversity of Los Angeles in a way that thrills worldwide audiences. I really wanted Gang as a co-star for this adventure.” — Simon West

“Tsunami LA” is now in pre-production and is set to be released worldwide in 2019.

Source: Variety and Joy News