Kang Minhee Trends On Search Engines As News Reports Speculate He Received Fake Votes

News reports and netizens ran rampant with their speculations.

X1‘s Kang Minhee began trending on various search engines after the police confirmed that the final votes for PRODUCE X 101 were rigged. The reports claimed that around 2~3 of the X1 members’ rankings were manipulated so that they can debut with the final group.


Soon after, Kang Minhee began trending on search engines along with the group and PRODUCE X 101, as netizens and media sites began to speculate that he was one of the members who’s rankings were rigged.


The police announced that about 5 to 6 agencies are currently being investigated for their possible connection to the voting manipulation. As Starship Entertainment was announced as one of the agencies being investigated, further speculations arose against Kang Minhee as he is signed to the agency.


Alongside Kang Minhee, media reports named Lee Hangyul and Son Dongpyo as possible members who received manipulated votes. They claimed it was suggestive since these members didn’t rank high until the final votes.

Kim Wooseok, Song Hyeongjun, and Lee Eunsang always ranked high and were predicted to be a debuting member, but it was shocking to see Lee Hangyul, Kang Minhee, and such on the final lineup.

— Netizen


The police are currently still investigating further into the manipulated votes and have not identified the members who received the extra votes. Despite these rumors, nothing has been confirmed.

Source: Hankyung, Gukje and Nate Pann