Kangin’s Future With Super Junior Under Hot Debate Among Korean And International Fans As Petition Reaches Final Goal

Following Super Junior member Kangin‘s recent hit and run incident, Korean fans demanded that the singer resign from the group

Korean ELFs (fans of the SM Entertainment group) expained that as Kangin’s unlawful doings remain damaging to Super Junior as a group, it would be unfair for Kangin to promote with the group, and that leaving would be the right thing for him to do. In light of Korean ELFs’ request, however international fans have created a counter-petition for Kangin to remain in the group.

According to the petition, which has received support from fans all over the world, Kangin should be punished according to the law such as withdrawal of his driving license, suspension of his activities, social service or paying a fine, and not removed from Super Junior or spend any time in jail. Since its creation, the online petition has already surpassed its initial goal of 25,000 signatures.

Source: iPetitions