Kangnam Involved In 5 Car Accident On The Way To A Schedule

He didn’t suffer major injuries.

Popular TV personality and singer Kangnam was involved in a 5 car collision while he was on the way to a schedule.


He was heading north towards Cheongju on the Gyeongbu Expressway when the car in front of him suddenly slammed on the brakes.

Reacting to this, his car also suddenly stopped. However the car behind him did not react in time and rear-ended his car, leading to a 5 car accident.


Both Kangnam and his stylist, who was also in the car, were taken to Chungbuk National University Hospital for examination.


After receiving an examination, his agency confirmed there were no major injuries.

“There are no major injuries. We are currently in the middle of examinations and the full results will be revealed later.” — RD Company

Source: Star News, Osen and Mydaily