[★BREAKING] Kangnam and UEE have broken up

UEE and Kangnam have broken up after dating for 3 months.

“Due to their own busy schedules, UEE and Kangnam have unfortunately decided to break up.

Both of them will cheer on for each other’s career and continue being friends.”

– Insider Report

Their agencies have both confirmed and released statements.

“It is confirmed that the two have ended their relationship after checking with them.

Due to their personal schedules, their relationship naturally drifted apart.

They will continue to support each other and continue to be friends. They both wish that people support them on their own individual paths.”

– RD Entertainment, Kangnam’s Agency

News of their relationship broke out during UEE’s current drama filming.

According to TV Report, insiders revealed that the two had difficulty going on dates after their relationship news broke. They said that Kangnam has even lost 15kg over the last month since the news broke out.

They have decided to remain friends regardless of the breakup.

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Source: Sports News and MyDaily