KevJumba to return to YouTube after recovering from life-threatening accident

YouTube pioneer Kevin Wu (KevJumba) has come forward to explain a little more about his life during his hiatus from YouTube.

On March 15, Kevin uploaded a video on his channel titled “Hope” in which he explained that last year he had been hit by a car that rendered him unconscious and hospitalized him for 45 days.

In the video, the YouTube star elaborated on this traumatizing experience by admitting his sense of hopelessness throughout the recovery and how his father helped him overcome his pain by taking him back to Texas to recuperate.

“I was so traumatized and so painful that I didn’t see any reason to keep going… thank you to my father, he brought me back home to Houston, when I was in a very bad place.”
– Kevin Wu

Having left the YouTube community back in 2013 in order to pursue his college education and study Buddhism, Kevin, has recently made a comeback on his channel after the 3-year hiatus.

Now known as just Kev and not Kevjumba, the YouTube sensation has once again taken up his passion for acting by announcing that there will be more videos to come in the future for fans to look forward to.

Source: Nextshark