Kim Feel gets married in his MV, “Marry Me”

Kim Feel released a new music video called “Marry Me”, through Mnet on April 20, 2015 on YouTube.

The song itself is about a man’s feelings and thoughts about marrying the woman of his dreams. The video supplements the song’s lyrics by showing Kim as the groom-to-be preparing for the big day when he will finally wed his fiancee, who is also getting ready for her wedding.

The wedding takes place outside with close friends in attendance on a beautiful dimly-lit evening. Without an officiator, the two make vows to one another and put on the wedding bands on each other’s fingers. Kim then proceeds to pick up a guitar and sing a song for his wife. Their close friends then follow suit by singing along with Kim, much to his wife’s pleasure and approval.

Just as the couple lean in for their kiss, the video fades to white. The couple then reappears with them in normal clothing. They look startled because they seem to have almost got carried away.

Hilariously, they pretend to make sure all the decorations and props are in line. It is obvious that they were just imagining their wedding day which is imminent.

Check out the music video below!