Kim Go Eun Reveals That The Cast Of “Goblin” Are Still Close Friends Even After All These Years

It’s been 3 years but they’re still bffs!

Although it’s been over 3 years since Goblin took over the drama world with his highly successful ratings, Kim Go Eun revealed that the castmates are still as close as ever!


Kim Go Eun appeared on Happy Together 4, where she revealed that the cast members still meet up and chat frequently. She recently met the show’s host Jo Se Ho when she was invited out for drinks by Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook!


Jo Se Ho explained that Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook “take care of [Kim Go Eun] like their own sister who they treasure dearly.


Yoo In Na and she are also basically sisters as they often go over each other’s houses!


She also gave a peek into their friendship by describing how they all share a similar sense of humor. If someone is eating, they would jokingly tease them for eating too much, or if someone complained about the weather, they would respond with blatant comments that would only be funny between close friends!


No matter how many years go by, the Goblin team will be friends forever!


Watch Kim Go Eun smile brightly as she updates everyone on the Goblin castmates’ friendships today!

Source: Sports Chosun