Kim Go Eun reveals something in Goblin happened to her in real life

Photos of Kim Go Eun in high school surfaced online and are reminding fans of her character, Ji Eun Tak, from Goblin for this one reason.

Fans online were shocked when photos of Kim Go Eun attending Kaywon Arts High School surfaced online. The photos, which featured a young and vibrant high schooler reminded fans of the uniform the actress had worn during Goblin.

In fact, the outfits weren’t just similar reminders, they appeared to be almost identical!

The first similarity is the bow.

A young Kim Go Eun seen with her friend in high school.

It’s the same one she wears in the show!

The red bow with white dots is identical!

The jacket featured in the show is also the same navy blue color as her school jacket.

The color and the crisp white collar are uncannily alike.
It’s official. The uniform is the same.

This discovery is yet another reason why Goblin continues to surprise and delight fans even after ending. The 25-year-old actress matched her 16-year-old self perfectly – there’s hardly a difference!