“Penthouse” Actress Kim Hyun Soo To Make Her MC Debut On “Music Core”

She will be replacing Stray Kids’ Hyunjin for the week.

With Penthouse blowing up even more recently, actress Kim Hyun Soo has been invited to become a special MC on Music Core! Kim Hyun Soo plays the role of Bae Rona on the hit soap.

Usually, Music Core is hosted by Chani from SF9, Minjoo from IZ*ONE and Hyunjin from Stray Kids. However, as Hyunjin would be unable to make it for the episode dated February 20, Kim Hyun Soo will be stepping in to fill his shoes for the week.

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This will be her very first time challenging the role of an MC. Kim Hyun Soo stated, “I am nervous as it’s a live broadcast but I tried to enjoy the filming to the fullest.

Prior to her rise to fame with Penthouse, Kim Hyun Soo was the most recognized as the younger version of Cheon Song Yi (played by Jun Ji Hyun) in You Who Came From The Stars.

Source: Star Today