[★VIDEO] Kim Jong Kook flexes his muscles while giving the ultimate fan service at “Running Man” event

On June 4th, Running Man cast members Kim Jong Kook, Ji Suk Jin, and Haha attended a hi-touch event, interacting with the many fans that went to support them.

The hi-touch event was held at a popular shopping mall in Hong Kong, and fans were only able to participate after purchasing $5,000 HKD (approximately $645 USD) worth of items at two stores or $3,000 HKD (approximately $387 USD) worth of cosmetic products at a specified store. Despite this, the passes to the event were sold out in a short period of time.

While playing games with the fans on stage, Kim Jong Kook caught the attention of many passersby when he easily lifted up one of the fans to his shoulder with only one arm. After this, Haha asked Kim Jong Kook to do the same for another fan, but was initially rejected by the fan as she was wearing a short dress. However, after Kim Jong Kook considerately made sure that the dress was securely held down, the fan was also successfully lifted up to his shoulder.

Haha then asked Kim Jong Kook to do the same with the host, and Kim Jong Kook jokingly attempted to do so after initially denying the request. Ji Suk Jin then tried with both arms and had no success, while Haha gave up altogether before even trying.

Watch the highlights in the clip below!

Source: Appledaily