Kim Jong Kook Reveals What He’d Do If His Girlfriend Ever Ghosted Him

No would ever dare…

During the pilot episode of the new variety program, titled Delivery Today, Kim Jong Kook opened up about how he’d handle a relationship if his girlfriend ever ghosted him.

The topic was about whether it was worse to end a relationship by cheating on someone or ghosting them. Hearing the topic, Kim Jong Kook immediately blurted out, “You break up with someone by ghosting them?

When asked how he’d react if his girlfriend ever broke up with him by disappearing without a text or a call, Kim Jong Kook claimed he’d immediately call the police!

If that happened to me, I’d immediately file a missing persons report. I would never believe that they’ve lost interest in me.

— Kim Jong Kook

He couldn’t fathom why anyone would break up in such a way! He joked that he’ll send out his gang of brother to find her no matter what!

If not, I’ll have to send out my brothers to find her. You have to find her again no matter what.

— Kim Jong Kook

His methods may be excessive for comical sake, but no future girlfriend of his should ever think about breaking up with him through ghosting!

Check out a segment below:

Source: My Daily