Kim Jong Kook Can’t Hide His Heart-Eyes For Song Ji Hyo After Watching Her Adorable Dance Moves

The way he looks at her 😍

Our favorite Running Man love-line is back and better than ever! On the most recent episode of the SBS variety program, Song Ji Hyo showed off her adorable dance moves to Brave Girls‘ hit song “Rollin” garnering a hot response from her fellow crew mates. As the rest of the Running Man members grooved along with Song Ji Hyo’s dance, there was one particular person who couldn’t help but smile in adoration.

The gorgeous Running Man member geared up to begin her choreography to “Rollin” — which took her a little longer than anticipated.

But fear not! Because Song Ji Hyo finally figured it out and went 120% to make sure her moves were on point.

As the rest of the Running Man members joined in on her adorable dance moves, there was one person who couldn’t help but smile after watching Song Ji Hyo’s cuteness…

…and it was none other than her very own Running Man on-screen “boyfriend,” Kim Jong Kook!

Yoo Jae Suk couldn’t let his reaction slide, as he called out Kim Jong Kook’s adoration for Song Ji Hyo.

Kim Jong Kook thinks it’s so cute, so cute!

— Yoo Jae Suk

Song Ji Hyo seized the opportunity to play up her aegyo (cuteness) and danced specifically just for Kim Jong Kook — who couldn’t hide his joy.

Song Ji Hyo: “Is that why you made me dance, so you can watch me?”

Why are they so darn adorable together?! You can check out the entire clip of Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo’s flirty interaction down below.

Source: WikiTree

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