Kim Jong Kook Reveals Hong Jin Young Calls Him Late At Night

Some people think that Hong Jin Young calls him when she’s drunk!

A recent episode of Running Man has revealed that trot singer Hong Jin Young calls Kim Jong Kook during the nighttime!


On the episode, Kim Jong Kook and Hong Jin Young were paired together to complete a mission. As they were heading towards their next location, Hong Jin Young brought up a memory from a prior experience on Running Man.

“The last time I was on Running Man, did Kwang Soo say that? That I called Kim Jong Kook while I was drunk? Somebody said that I called Kim Jong Kook, but he didn’t pick up.” — Hong Jin Young


She explained that she got a lot of hate from netizens for the love-line, and laughed as she remembered one comment in particular.

“One of the netizen comments said ‘she got rejected by Kim Jong Kook, but she keeps going after him.'” — Hong Jin Young


Hong Jin Young asked Kim Jong Kook to clarify any rumors, and reveal what really happened.

“Tell the truth. Was there ever a time when I called you drunk? I’ve never called you, right?” — Hong Jin Young


This was when Kim Jong Kook revealed that Hong Jin Young does indeed call him after hours!

“I don’t know about alcohol, but there were times when you called me late at night!” — Kim Jong Kook


Check out a clip from the segment below:

Source: Dispatch and Herald Pop