Kim Jong Min Confessed He Was Addicted To Brazilian Waxing, Here’s Why

He revealed that he was sensitive about grooming the hair on his body, including down below.

On a recent episode of Radio Star, Kim Jong Min revealed that he was very sensitive about grooming the hair on his body.


For instance, he explained that he is concerned about his nose hair sticking out of his nose so he makes sure to always trim them properly.


In fact, even when Yoon Jong Shin pointed out that trimming the nose hair excessively could make you catch colds and is generally bad for you, Kim Jong Min replied that it is still better than having nose hair sticking out of your nose.

“That’s still better than hair sticking out…” ㅡ Kim Jong Min


But even for a man like Kim Jong Min, his confession of having been addicted to Brazilian waxing is still quite surprising.


Although he has now quit this “addiction”, he explained that after doing it for the first time, you’re forced to do it again and again because it simply looked too messy once the hair grew out.

“People who’ve done it once get addicted because it looks too messy. When you have nothing and then it grows back, it really looks too messy.” ㅡ Kim Jong Min


The Radio Star hosts and guests couldn’t help but glance down at Kim Jong Min as he was saying this.


Kim Jong Min continued to give some important advice for anyone that plans to attempt waxing at home.

“You have to trim (the hair) before waxing. Or else, your flesh will be torn off.” ㅡ Kim Jong Min


Although Kim Jong Min could not handle the pain anymore and stopped doing Brazilian waxing, he gave viewers some brilliant insight into the process!

“I’ve never been in so much pain my entire life.” ㅡ Kim Jong Min


Watch the full clip here:

Source: Naver TV