Kim Min Ah Speaks up About the Hate She Faced for Potentially Being Infected With COVID-19

“I received harsh criticism as if I was a spreader of the disease.” – Kim Min Ah

It was recently reported that Kim Min Ah, who is a well-known weather reporter and the host of LCK (League Champions Korea), was getting tested for the coronavirus (COVID-19) after feeling body aches and a low-fever.

Following much controversy surrounding the suspicion, Kim Min Ah took to her Instagram account to announce that her results came out as negative.

However, Kim Min Ah also spoke up about the hate she faced and the pain that caused, due to people accusing her of spreading the virus when the results were yet to be confirmed.

Read the full translated message below:

My results came out as negative.

When I had a fever yesterday, I was very conflicted. I was afraid of all the speculations and harsh responses that would result once I left the broadcast, and I was also afraid I’d be causing more anxiety. But I believed that if there was even a 0.0001% chance that I could have it, I couldn’t be assured, and I decided to leave the broadcast as soon as possible so that I wouldn’t be of harm to anyone else.

Once the news got out, I was very miserable up until the results came out. I simply believed that I had to act upon even the smallest symptom in order to avoid any problems later on, but I received harsh criticism as if I was a spreader of the disease. However, I still think I did the right thing. If I deny it or keet it to myself out of fear, it could cause an even bigger backlash later on, so I will tend to it conservatively from now on. And just in case, I’ll share the news right away.

Thank you to everyone who helped me deal with this in a quick manner, and I’d like to repeat that my test results came back negative at 6:53 PM today, and that there will be no changes to my activities. Thank you. Stay healthy.

– Kim Min Ah

Ahead of this message, Kim Min Ah suffered a fever and left the venue of a live LCK broadcast before announcing on her Instagram that she was getting tested.

It was later confirmed by JTBC as well that she was undergoing testing, but it has been confirmed that Kim Min Ah did not contract the virus.

Source: Dispatch