Kim Sarang Rushed To Emergency Treatment After Breaking Her Leg In Italy

She is currently receiving treatment at a hospital.

Kim Sarang was rushed to receive emergency treatment after she broke her right leg while in Italy. News reports first claimed that she fell into a manhole in Italy while visiting a famous furniture shop. However, her agency clarified that she didn’t fall into a manhole or was involved in a car accident. They didn’t specify what the accident was but only stated that she returned to Korea to receive surgery.

“During April 18~19th, Kim Sarang was completing her schedule in Italy when she suffered an accident that broke her left leg.

She received immediate treatment at a local hospital but after they diagnosed that she will need surgery, she returned to Korea on the 21st and received surgery on the 23rd.

It’s difficult to reveal details about the accident, but it’s not true that she fell in a manhole or that she was involved in a car accident.”

— Leo International

Her agency clarified that Kim Sarang flew back to Korea for surgery because it was difficult to receive surgery in foreign country where language barriers could cause additional problems. She only received immediate treatment in Italy and decided to fly back to Seoul despite her pain. She is currently focusing on keeping herself calm as she monitors the progress of her recovery.

“She was very shocked by the accident and was in incredible pain. She couldn’t get surgery in Italy with the language barrier so she decided to fly back to Korea despite her pain.

We can’t reveal the details but Kim Sarang is focusing on recovering from her surgery.”

— Leo International

Kim Sarang was taking a hiatus from acting after announcing that she will not be joining the cast for the upcoming series Mr. Sunshine due to her health. Recently, she had only worked on small projects such as photoshoots and appearances. Her label announced that Kim Sarang will return to her schedules once she’s fully recovered.

“The treatment period has not yet been confirmed. We plan to discuss matters of her schedule once we receive the doctor’s diagnosis.”

— Leo International

Source: Herald Pop, Special Economy and WowTV