Kim Woo Bin reveals which of Junho’s body parts he likes to touch

On the May 18th broadcast of Cultwo Show, Kim Woo Bin revealed which body part of fellow Twenty cast member, 2PM’s Junho, he likes to touch.

During the show, the host asked Junho which body part he is the most satisfied with, to which Junho responded, “My butt looks very nice.” Upon hearing this, Kim Woo Bin revealed, “Junho’s butt is really very, very…I can’t help but touch it with my hands.

After hearing this from Kim Woo Bin, Junho confirmed, “Woo Bin is always touching my butt,” causing everyone to laugh.

The two got especially close to each other after filming together for popular movie Twenty, which sold over one million tickets just five days after its release back in March. While Kim Woo Bin has been busy with various fan meetings, Junho has been spending time preparing for 2PM’s upcoming concert and comeback.

Source: OBS TV