Kim Woo Seok Announces First Ever Solo Fan Meeting

The concept behind the name is adorable!

UPT10TION‘s Kim Wooseok will be holding his first-ever solo fan meeting later this month!

| KWS_official_/Twitter

The name of the event is N423, which is a nod to Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s renowned novel, The Little Prince. It was inspired by the name of the asteroid in the book, B612, but the N stands for Wooseok’s fandom name Nia and the date the name was announced, April 23.

| KWS_official_/Twitter

N423 will take place on March 28 and will be streamed live on four different platforms: Olleh TV and Seezn for Korean fans, mahocast for Japanese fans, and KAVECON for all other international fans. This will be his first time hosting a fan meeting a solo artist!

Source: Korea Herald