Kim Young Kwang Reacts To Kids Dissing His Appearance In A Pictorial Photo

These kids are merciless.

On a recent episode of tvN‘s The Sixth Sense, actor, Kim Young Kwang appeared as a guest.

In order to obtain hints for their mission, the members played a game of guessing what kids thought of their first impressions.

The producers showed 30 kids photos of the remembers and asked them to describe the first thought that popped in their heads.

The photo that was shown of Kim Young Kwang was a pictorial photo but the kids were merciless.

One 5-year-old boy named Seo Joon compared Kim Young Kwang to a foot.

He looks like he has smelly feet.

— Seo Joon

And Kim Young Kwang was at a loss for words due to a very valid reason.

My foot’s not even in that photo!

— Kim Young Kwang

Aside from Seo Joon’s hilarious comment, a 6-year-old girl named Ha Yan called him a grandpa while 6-year-old Yul Ha commented, “Ew.


The merciless comments have netizens reacting with comments such as “They’re so honest“, “He saw his face and called his feet out for being smelly“, and “I feel like he might’ve been slightly hurt“.



Source: Insight