American Version Of “The King Of Masked Singer” Reveals Its First Look Trailer

“The King Of Masked Singer” will be airing in the US in an all new American version by FOX.

The King Of Masked Singer has been one of the most beloved music variety shows in Korea, where celebrities from various industries sing their hearts out behind a mask and the panel judges guess who it could be.


And the American broadcast company FOX has purchased the rights to remake the show for US audiences! They’ve renamed the show The Masked Singer but still holds true to the original competition rules.


American celebrities – singers, actors, athletes and more – will disguise themselves in intricate costumes while the audience tries to guess their identities!


Famous artist-host, Nick Cannon, will be hosting the show alongside a stellar panel of celebrity judges: Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy.


Rob Wade, FOX’s President of Alternative Entertainment and Specials, revealed that they decided to create an American version of the show thanks to its “most unique, genre-defining format“.

“This is truly one of the most unique, genre-defining formats I’ve ever seen.

It’s a massive international hit, and its boldness and originality make it the perfect fit for FOX.”

— Rob Wade


Executive Producer Craig Plestis also agreed on the captivating design of the show and that the “true global and viral phenomenon” had to be brought to life in America.

“There are very few hit formats left in the world, and when I saw ‘The Masked Singer,’ which is a true global and viral phenomenon that has captured the world’s attention, I knew it had to be brought to life in America.”

— Craig Plestis


The Masked Singer is set to air on FOX channels starting January 2019 on a weekly basis. Check out its first look trailer below:

Source: Variety