Korean Actress’s Story About Almost Becoming A Victim Of A Cult Resurfaces — Netizens Allege The Cult Was JMS

The actress almost became a victim.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content and sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Actress Jeong Ga Eun‘s anecdote about her brush with a cult resurfaced amid the controversy stemming from Netflix‘s documentary In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal.

Jeong Ga Eun | MSN

In 2010 the actress appeared in an episode of SBS‘s Strong Heart, where Jeong Ga Eun shared a story. According to the actress, when she was a college student and still dreaming about a modeling career, she joined a small art academy where she could learn how to walk like a model for cheap.

Although she felt it was weird that the students would pray before class started, the then student decided to move forward with the class.

Anyways, I was here to learn how to walk (like a model), so I thought, ‘Let’s just focus on learning that.’

— Jeong Ga Eun

About two months later, the academy approached her, stating, “It was time to meet the teacher.” The academy then took her to a remote location.

One side of the mountain was covered in grass and was full of stars. There were a lot of people there from all over the world.

— Jeong Ga Eun

Jeong Ga Eun then stated she was startled to see the “teacher” was a man dressed in only his bathing suit sitting in what looked like an open-air bath. Around him were many girls also dressed in bathing suits. The actress then recalled the chilling words that her instructor had told her.

She said that all of this was for the ‘teacher’ and that modeling class was also to show the ‘teacher.’

— Jeong Ga Eun

Although Jeong Ga Eun had suspicions about the academy, she still wanted to learn how to walk (like a model). However, when her neck and hips started hurting, the academy recommended she see the “teacher” and stated, “Ga Eun, if it hurts so much, go see the ‘teacher.’ If he touches you once, you’ll be healed,” and so she went to go see the “teacher” but luckily was unable to meet him.

Jeong Ga Eun stated she later learned about the true nature through a crime-investigation program and felt she was so lucky not to have been able to meet the teacher.

According to reports, netizens are alleging that the cult in Jeong Ga Eun’s story is none other than JMS. Netizens reportedly feel the actress’s story supports Kim Do Hyung, a college professor who served as president of a coalition against JMS. According to the professor, tall, beautiful women were encouraged by the church to try modeling.

Meanwhile, Netflix’s documentary In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal shocked audiences around the world when it exposed the cult JMS’s leader for sexually assaulting and raping his followers. Recently it was alleged that a K-Pop idol was associated with JMS. You can read more in the link below.

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Source: mydaily
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