Korean Air CEO speaks up about the “macadamia nuts” incident involving his daughter

Cho Yang Ho, the CEO of Korean Air and the father of Cho Hyuna, held a press conference regarding the incident involving his daughter on December 12th at 1:30PM KST at the Korean Air headquarters in South Korea.

Cho Hyuna was under public scrutiny and has subsequently stepped down from her role as vice president of Korean Air after the infamous “macadamia nuts” incident.

On December 5th, she reportedly ordered her flight to return to the gate in order to kick out the cabin manager from the flight. The reason being that she did not think the cabin manager was suited to ensure the safety of the plane since the manager had not trained the flight attendants properly. The incident took place after a flight attendant offered Hyuna macadamia nuts in a bag instead of following procedure and offering them on a plate.

At the press conference, Cho Yang Ho bowed to those present and was quoted, “I am sorry for causing such trouble. I feel as if I have taught her wrong. Blame me for everything, it is all my fault.” When some one commented that Cho Hyuna hadn’t apologized to the public yet, he simply repeated I am sorry, I have raised my child wrong. Regardless of the outcome of her investigation, she will be stepping down from all and any position she is currently in.”

When asked on whether he thought the former vice president would ever return to the company he said, “We have not thought of that yet, and although we do not think Korean Air as a company is lacking in service of any type, we will fix what needs to be fixed.”

On that day at  3:00 PM KST, Cho Hyuna was summoned for questioning. Prior to entering the building she was seen telling the press in a quiet voice “I am sorry, I am deeply sorry to the cabin manager.  I will cooperate with the questioning fully and plan to step down from all my positions, I have no other plans at the moment.”

Despite these public apologies netizens did not react positively and left comments online such as“Cho Yang Ho and Cho Hyuna, do you call this an apology?”,”She still hadn’t apologized to the cabin manager?,”So the daughter simply puts on an act while the father apologizes” and more.

Source: Sports Chosun