Korean celebrity claims miracle workout can reduce waist size by 5 cm in 1 minute

Korean celebrities are known for having extremely thin bodies, with some idols and actresses even having the ability to reach around their entire waist with just one arm. 

And while many fans attribute celebrities’ thin bodies to insane diets and a lot of exercise, one Korean celebrity revealed a workout that many female idols and actresses use to reduce their waist size by an entire 5 centimeters (about 2 inches). The quick one-minute technique, which was proven to be effective on screen, is as follows:

1. Put your feet and knees together, and put your hands above your head. Stretch your arms as high as you can for 10 seconds.

2. Flex your waist in this stance and tilt left and right 10 seconds each.

3. Put your hands on top of your head (fingers crossed) and twist left and right 10 seconds each.

4. Stretch your hands into the air and bend backwards for 10 seconds.

[뱃살 빼는 1분 운동법] 순식간에 뱃살 5cm 감소?! 1분이면 OK!